Ponds Forge Sheffield 28th June 2018

Well done to our diver Amy who represented CSDC at the Swim England National Age Group Championships 2018 celebrated at Ponds Forge Sheffield. At this year’s National Age Group Championships, Albatross Diving Club and Corby Steel Diving Club teamed up to soar

above the competition in the 1m synro. Their performance was fantastic and they achieved an amazing 7th place out of 11. Amy then went on to dive in Girls group D 1m and achieved an amazing 6th place out of 15 entrants.
Girls group D 3m and achieved 7th out of 19 entrants. Girls group D platform and achieved 12th out of 14 entrants.
A fantastic performance and 3 top 10 results, Amy did us proud bringing Corby diving to a higher level of competition and ensuring Corby’s place in the UK as a diving force to reckon with!