28th October 2018
Corby Steel Diving Club organised a Spooktastic Halloween fundraising event today! Halloween games were aimed at encouraging the divers to work together at the same time as having fun!
“Assemble the skeleton” required team members to instruct a blindfolded team mate where to correctly place the

skeleton limbs. A fantastic effort by everyone and some scary looking skeletons formed!
“Apple bobbing” was a great success! Everyone got their apple, cheered on by their team mates!
“Wrap the mummy coach” had everyone screeching with laughter as teams had the challenge of wrapping both coaches in as much toilet roll as possible in two minutes!
The winners of the best fancy dress were Jan for the boys with Benjamin as runner up, and Lily for the girls with Eve as runner up.
A great time was had by all!

Halloween 2018 2