TID Talent Game 17th and 18th November 2018

Well done to our divers Amy and Lucy who attended the TID Talent Games at the John Charles Sports Centre in Leeds!
Lucy achieved a fantastic 29th position in the dryland training and 20th in the pool. Amy achieved a fantastic 12th in dryland training and 23rd in the pool – the top 6 in each category are selected to join Swim England Diving Team Z.

About TID
Young divers from across the country aimed to prove they deserved to be on Swim England’s Diving Pathway as they competed in the Talent Games in Leeds.
A total of 73 divers from 14 clubs were tested at the John Charles Sports Centre, making it the best-attended Talent Games so far. The best youngsters are invited to join the Swim England Diving Team Z.
The two-day event is the biggest testing event of the year and aimed to hone in on the most accomplished diving talent in the country though a series of physical and technical tests.
Every year, Swim England Diving runs the Little Rippers programme which collaborates with diving clubs to undertake an extensive search throughout English Primary Schools for potential diving champions, and those chosen are invited to compete at the Talent Games.
The Talent Games is open to divers aged 11 and under from both Little Rippers Talent ID programmes and traditional pathways into the sport, such as club Learn to Dive, development lessons and the START programme.

Selecting Diving Team Z
Divers selected for Diving Team Z join the first level of Swim England’s pathway and, in the coming two years, will be supported through a series of training camps around the country, the first of which will take place from 11 to 13 January in Leeds.
The programme aims to prepare young divers for the Junior Elite Championships at the end of the two years.

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