Swim England National Age Group Championships 2019

After 3 long days of tough competition and 2 top 10’s our Corby divers did great at the Swim England National Age Group Championships 2019 making the CSDC proud.


It was great to see our group “B” diver raise to the challenge on a very competitive event keeping his composure despite being quite a beginner on the age group stage well done.

Our age group “D” diver had great results achieving 2 top 10’s despite competing against very difficult and with more degree of difficulty opposition, unfortunately on the last day of competition and on the platform event our diver had two dives that were quite close to the platform for comfort and those two dives were penalised with 2 points of from every judge, it was quite hard to take but regardless of this occurrence our diver raised to the challenge and finished the competition with a very good last dive.

I would like to thank our divers, parents, club committee and pool management for their invaluable support.

With Regards
Ricardo Gutiérrez
CSDC Head Diving Coach